Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bracket Fungus

I have a thing for bracket fungus. I'm always fascinated when I find some of it out on a walk. Bracket fungus are normally found on dead hard woods in the form of their characteristic shelf or bracket shaped fruiting bodies called conks. Bracket Fungus is a very important part of the a forest's existence as it helps to break down plant matter, in this case tree matter, to be reintroduced into the soil. Although the actual conk grows on top of the dead wood, it puts it's root system into the wood and breaks it down from the inside.


  1. Very cool looking fungus Jonker. Wonder if it's edible.

  2. Fascinates me too. How can something so pretty grow on something that is dead! Isn't nature amazing! You have had some nice shots of fungus before! Well done!