Monday, June 21, 2010

God's Property

I used to go to the town of Grahamstown (about 120km east of Port Elizabeth) quite a lot during my tour guiding days. Just outside of town as you are heading towards Bathurst is a spot where fresh spring water flows out of a pipe into a little stream. Most of the times I passed there was somebody filling up containers of water which made me very curious.

I asked around a bit and Oom Willem at the Grahamstown Tourism office told me that it is a natural spring of the purest water around flowing out of the surrounding hills. Apparently water has been gathered at the spot since the early settler days and that the fountain has never dried, even in the worst droughts. He said that a lot of town folk would go there to gather water to drink as its so much better than the tap water. He couldn't tell me who put the pipe in though.

On the fence behind the spring is a sign with the following words:
God's Property
Put your rubbish in the bin
Do not wee or worse
Stay on the pathways
Do not move rocks or paving
Do not remove paving slabs
Please keep this area clean
Do not stand on the vegetation
Exodus 19:5


  1. What an incredible story! I love the photograph of the spring with the water coming out of the old pipe! Lovely! I will make a note to go home and read Exodus 19.5 tonight

  2. I sure like the idea of getting fresh spring water.

  3. Hmm !! looks a bit doggy to me rust on the pipe and that algae or is it part of the filtration system :) just joking !!

  4. That water must taste divine!! I can see why everyone collects it.

  5. Wonderful story to go with your photos. Looks like a neat place!

  6. This is amazing. I came across a similar type of spring in Zimbabwe many years ago. I wonder where the seemingly inexhaustable supply of water comes from.