Who is Firefly?

Mmmmmm....  About me.  This is probably where I have to blow my own trumpet. *Big breath*  Me, me, me, me, me and little bit more about me.  Hi, my name is Jonker Fourie (also known online as Firefly) and this is me.

I was born, bred and grew up in the beautiful city of Port Elizabeth in sunny South Africa.  We didn't travel much as a family while I was growing up, but when the travel bug did bite me it made sure it got its fangs in nice and deep.  Travel is in my blood, so if I had to be offered a spot on The Amazing Race (either as a competitor or host, I'm not picky), I would jump at the opportunity.  Just like I would jump at the chance to be on Survivor.  But I'm digressing.

I work in the tourism industry because I am passionate about travel (and isn’t one of those who claim to be passionate about travel just because they work in the tourism industry).  My other passions are Geocaching (also travel related) and  photography and through blogging I have found a way to combine all of these to show the world this beautiful country I live in as well as a bit of my photographic skills.  This means that I am always looking for the perfect landscape, the most awesome sunset (sunrise if I can get my butt out of bed early enough) or crawling after bugs or flowers.  Most of these go onto my blogs but hopefully someday I will actually be able to do my photography professionally.  For now I'm mostly a travel and nature photographer who has no training and tries to get along on natural talent. *wink*.

I am happily married to the Damselfly and have two Kidz named (for blogging purposes) Chaos Boy and Drama Princess.  We like to get away as a family as much as possible being it for the afternoon, day, weekend of a longer holiday.  This also means that the family often has to be the "people subjects" in photos and when I say "pose there quickly" they normally wait for confirmation if its for a family photo or a travel photo.  The Damselfly by the way just doesn't get the fact that you can have cyber friends who you know and interact with purely through blogging and other social media.

Ok, so just to do a little bit of trumpet blowing.  This is my blog after all and I can do on it what I please.  *big smile*  I have been working in the tourism industry for 16 years with my experience ranging from working as a tourist guide and owning my own tour company to a management position in a big tour operator business.  Currently I work in tourism marketing. 

Oh yes, and if somebody has a contact for me to get onto Survivor or The Amazing Race, give me a shout.


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