Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weather vanes

Today I am combining my Skywatch post with a Random theme... post. The random theme for today is weather vanes. There is a folk song in Afrikaans about the chicken that can't lay an egg and that chicken is the one that stands on top of the church spire.
This weather vane I found standing on top of the church in Prince Albert in the Karoo

The cock on top of the NG Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church) in the Langkloof town of Uniondale

I imagine the cow that doesn't give milk will also be found on top of a spire. This one wasn't a church though. It stands on top of a gazebo at Fancourt Golf Estate in George on the Garden Route

The dragon of St George sits on top of one of the pavilions at the St Georges Park cricket ground in Port Elizabeth. St Georges is the oldest test stadium in South Africa.

For more fabulous sky pictures, visit Skywatch for a peek upwards. Don't strain your neck though.


  1. Those weather vanes really stand out against that brilliant blue sky. Really like the dragon. Wonder what it did to end up on top of the stadium, not make a goal?

  2. Wow...what a very beautiful blue sky!Great shots!Thank you for sharing!

  3. Nice series of photos with some beautiful blue skies.

  4. Beautiful captures! Wonderful to see that sky is not the only subject in your pictures...

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  5. Stunning against the blue skies

  6. These are SO Cool! Love them...You don't see these anymore here in Texas!

  7. Beautiful photo!
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  8. Weather vanes seem not to be made much anymore. 'tis a pity as they are always unique and fun to spot.

  9. The weathervanes are great, but I am in love with your blue sky!

  10. At one time almost every building had on at its peak but they are so scarce now. Nice that some of these old ones survive.

  11. Nice theme Jonker. reminds me of the story of little half chicken.