Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snakes at Reptile World

We decided to take the Rugrats to Reptile World at The Boma today to experience some slithering serpents. Well, guess who had a legen... wait for it... dary time and who was hiding at the door.
The visit starts with a guided tour showing you all the different snakes. This guy is the most common snake we find in this area. Its called a Puffadder and is a distant cousin of the Rattlesnake. It is responsible for a lot of snake bites as it tends to lie in footpaths sunning itself and people would stumble over them there.

This green snake is a Green Mamba. It is very poisonous and is found more to the north east of here. It doesn't grow as big as its cousin the Black Mamba, but is still one to avoid in the bush.

The best part of the visit starts when the guide takes out the non-venomous snakes. Then the fun starts. Here he is holding a baby boa constrictor.

I did find time to give up my camera in exchange for a snake... actually a couple of times... whenever they offered. I was in my element. I loved it. What an experience. I've never held a snake and here I am standing with the biggest snake in Africa. An African Rock Python.
For more picture of the family interacting with the snakes, pop into Firefly's Personal (B)log, Supplemental.


    I hate snakes...
    Can't imagine myself ever touching one

    But brilliant pics...*giggle* - will go check out if wife is a brave one!!

  2. You hold that snake as if it were your own! :-) Great shots. I enjoy photographing reptiles too. Oh, congrats to the brave ones for holding a snake!

  3. The Green Mamba is very beautiful, super shot, and what a great family day out you had, great series of pics (you brave people) :0)

  4. Great pictures but that kind of thing is way out of my line. No holding snakes for me LOL. Helen

  5. That eye!!! Superb photos detailing scales ... and that eye !! - Avril

  6. I don't much mind snakes; in jr. hi. school we had one as a class pet, he used to slither around the classroom and climb up into our laps. I'll never have one as a pet, tho - my rule is "No pets who eat other pets", lol!

  7. There are two things I have never seen in my life. Snow and Snakes. The colors on these snakes are awesome !!!

  8. Yeah, great shots. I love the baby boa.

  9. Luv the green mamba my fav color is lime green just like the little dude! Baby Boa is the BOMB! Green is envious, as am I of this amazing envy mamba, worse than ya mama! lol jk.
    Lola Lane over & out!