Friday, June 25, 2010


Time for a "Random ..." theme post again. Today's post is on Random Caterpillars (or worms. Whatever you want to call the first two)

We have had a bunch of these hairy spiky critters around the office building lately. They turn into the Garden Acraea Butterfly later on in their lives.
This little dude looks like he needs a haircut. I have no idea what he is, but I found him at Cape Point on my last visit there.
A Caterpillar with a difference. This is the Caterpillar engine of the shipwreck at Cannon Rocks on South Africa's Sunshine Coast.


  1. The last one is a most unusual caterpillar Jonker, I wonder what it turns into? LOL!!

    Great shots. Have a good weekend.

  2. Those first two caterpillars are so wild looking. I can't imagine anything wanting to eat them.

  3. beautiful and the last shot with the other two? genius!!

  4. All three are gorgeous ! Beautiful pictures

  5. And I bet if that CAT engine was rebuilt, it would run just as well as it used to.

    'course I am a bit biased toward CAT, as I work for one of their dealers.

  6. Very clever :)

    Who would think that one could find a very large caterpillar on the shoreline between the high and low water mark. I have been to that wreck - never looked for the name.

    Nice worms!