Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ouma Dora Jacobs

An interesting site I found next to the Somerset East Museum was the grave of Ouma (Grandma) Dora Dotyi Jacobs. Ouma Dora was born in May 1880 and was 122 years old when she died in January 2003. At the time she was the oldest living person in the world.

She was laid to rest in a special place under the trees next to the museum. To get to her grave one has to walk down a path between the trees and the grave is in shaded clearing. Standing there looking at the grave one realises how a peaceful spot and perfect last resting place it made.


  1. Nice to know someone who lived so long in a good way can rest in such a beautiful place.

  2. That's quite a long life... and I'm sure it was very well spent.