Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Boet's wedding

I never really thought that my brother (my Boet) would ever tie himself down in marriage. He is too much of a free spirit for that. Or so I thought. Last weekend my Boet got married. I, of cause, was his Best man and like I said in my speech, "I may be the Best man, but I'm not the best man at the wedding. He was. So I just referred to myself as an awesome guy." Here are a couple of pics I snapped in between my "awesome guy" duties. (You should have heard the rest of my speech)


  1. What wonderful pics Jonker!! You captured some beautiful moments here.

    He sounds like my one uncles .... when he was about 28-29 I asked him one December when he was going to get married and he said "What, me? NEVER!!" He got married that April. When the bug bites, it bites!! LOL!!

  2. Great pics Jonker!!!!!

  3. Love the love you have for your brother its awesome!!
    Great pics - LOVE the first one as I love working with tones in walls, trees, doors etc.

  4. Ah - fantastic photos! Love the flowers in the lantern/candle holder - it's really pretty! My mum would have love that one!
    Many congrats to your Boet and his gorgeous new bride... may they have years of happiness together!

  5. beautiful Pictures!! the colors they choose are wonderful!

  6. Nice photos! I especially like the lantern.