Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm an uncle again

My Sister gave birth to her second child (see my announcement for Little L's birth here) two weeks ago. Baby Tiaan was born on Saturday 8 May 2010, the day before Mother's Day.

I was away when he was born so didn't get to visit them in the hospital. We did pop by last Sunday to meet the newest member of the family.

He was sleeping for most of our visit, so I didn't get too many photos of him. I'm sure though that I will get the little hands and feet photography opportunity very soon.


  1. He is truly a cutie. So much hair.

  2. Congrats to you on becoming an uncle again .. and many congrats to your sister and hubby on their beautiful bundle! He is gorgeous with a mop of hair!

  3. Little Angel...are they not adorable at that age....yes I want to see the hands and feet photo's...your time to shine as a baby photographer....*giggle*

    Congratulations Oom!!

  4. Babies are special - I am not revealling how old my youngest is - ago 9 weeks. I have decided to take macro photographs of their eyes instead of their feet and hands :)

    Enjoy the new addition - they are only young and small for a little while. Congratulations!

  5. Congrats on being an uncle twice over!

  6. Oh! What a beautiful, good-looking baby! Bellissimo!