Sunday, May 16, 2010

Middleton Church

On our recent visit to Somerset East we stopped at Middleton between Port Elizabeth and Cradock. While the Damselfly and Rugrats were browsing through the farm stall, I had a closer look of the historic Methodist church that stands at the entrance to the village. The guy working in the shop asked me if I would like to see the inside of the church and unlocked it for me.

The church, built in 1903, is what you would call quaint. It only has 5 rows of seats and has services in it every Sunday for the residents of the village. The services are run by the Noupoort Christian Care Centre who owns the village and uses it as part of their rehabilitation process for drug and alcohol addicts.

The church has two stunning stained glass windows in the front which the guy was quite proud of as he asked me a couple of times if I got a picture of them.


  1. This is such a solid yet detailed looking church. Love the contrasting stone work and the, whatever you call it, decoration on the roof. Nice that you got to go inside too.

  2. Cool church, interesting town. It would be nice to have similar second step towns here in the US for those in need! Great photos, as usual. Especially like the stained glass. Good thing you didn't miss it! :-)

  3. A gorgeous church! Thanks for sharing it with the world!