Monday, May 17, 2010


I have had a second picture selected to be paired with a poem on The Poetry Project website (and hopefully the book that will follow). Its a site run by a cyber friend of mine who takes poems from relatively unknown poets and pair them up with pictures from local photographers. The first one was used with a poem called At God's Gate. This time around my picture below was paired with a poem called Autumn by Aboo Hansa.


High but not so strong was the morning sun
A later rise and earlier set, has all of nature adjusting their clocks
Dew glistens on the knife like blades of grass
Birds chirp to the beat of the concrete jungle, oblivious to the depravity of space
A sigh of relief breathed from the overture of heat
Trees begin to shed their green garments opting for a rather rusty look with hues of browns, yellows and reds
A crisp Autumnal breeze hits my face
The smell of a new beginning, the smell of Autumn


  1. Oh how pretty! Like a paint box has exploded all over! And the poem - what a lovely idea.

  2. A great idea!!! and what an awesome image of autumn Jomker!!!!

  3. A perfect match! Congrats Jonker on this second honor. I love this idea.

  4. What an amazing photo...did you touch it up a little as it looks so magical...*giggle*

  5. I have to agree there that it is the perfect match. How wonderful for you Jonker. Congrats!!