Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Walking with elephants

Most people the world over may never get the opportunity to see an elephant in the wild and a much smaller number will have the chance to walk and interact with these giant creatures in their natural habitat.  Team Mini had the amazing opportunity to do just that at Inkwenkwezi Game Reserve outside East London on the recent Mini vs Maxi adventure.

I can go into lenghts about what it is like to walk step (on their part) by a couple of steps (on our part) with them, being able to put your hand on his body and feeling him draw a breath, standing face to face with them sensing their amazing intelligence or suddenly having one of them steal the cap off your head and putting it on their own.  But if I do this may just become a very long post.  

The Mini vs Maxi trip was literally made up of highlights with this experience being one of my favorites


  1. The elephants are my favorites of all seen in ZA. I really want to do this! I just won't wear a hat. ;)

  2. What a wonderful opportunity!
    I love elephants (even though my favorites are the cheetahs!).