Friday, September 23, 2011

Night drive at Bucklands

About three hours into our game drive at Bucklands Game Reserve, the sun started to reach out for the horizon and we headed to a spot in the reserve to enjoy the African sun setting.  

Stopping for sun dowers is the ideal opportunity to stretch your legs and chat about the experience so far.  Its also an opportunity to enjoy a couple of snacks and a drink before the last stretch of game drive.

The sun set, as we would like to believe, as it only sets in Africa. Magnificently.

After sunset the game drive lasted for another hour.  You may ask what there is to see after dark, but believe me there is a whole other world to discover.  Our ranger's powerful spotlight sought out most of the animals we saw before the sun set, but also found a number of nocturnal animals.  Amongst them we spotted a pair of Aardwolf.  Its only the second time I had seen these very interesting animals.  Although they look like a smaller version of the hyena, they only came out at night and feed on insects. 

Unfortunately I didn't get any good photos of animals in the spotlight.  I don't have a proper SLR camera and I just couldn't get my prosumer superzoom to focus in the light.


  1. Are there big cats in this reserve?
    That is quite a nice safari vehicle.
    And the sunset was fantastic!

  2. Oh wow - glorious sunset!!!! I've only been to one game park with early morning and evening game drives, can you believe it :( and I just loved the sunsets with all the little nibblies and sundowners all laid out on a fold out table with table cloth! So unique and 'out of Africa' - if you haven't experienced it before (like me!) (and I am born and bred, and come from pioneer stock in Rhodesia!)