Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Firearm handling

During the Mini vs Maxi trip the organisers requested Bucklands Game Reserve to give Team Mini a firearm handling demonstration.  It may have been a strange request to give to a game reserve, but it wasn't like we were going to head out and shoot at animals.  I've never handled a firearm before in my life and have no urge to go hunting, but was quite excited about the prospect of firing off a couple of shots.
The firearms that we were shown and allowed to handle are those used for conservation and farm management purposes.  The one I'm handling without the scope (please don't ask me their names and calibres cause I don't know guns and didn't make a note of that) is the rifle that rangers take along on game drives and game walks.  Judging on the kick it gave me I'm can understand why they would use it to try and stop a big animal charging guests, although I'm sure a reserve owner would happily use it on his ranger if said ranger takes down a rhino or buffalo unnecessary. <---- Said very tongue in cheek, so don't take that statement seriously.

The rifle with the scope is a hunting rifle used to control game numbers and take down the kudu and warthog used in the venison pie and warthog sausage we had for dinner and breakfast.  A word of warning though.  Don't put your eye against the scope when pulling the trigger.  Luckily it didn't give me a blue eye, but it did hit me and in the photo you can see Sisa is keeping a safe distance himself.

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  1. Another new experience. Yet I can't really imagine shooting a large animal, especially as I'd be running very fast away. Not an easy position to shoot from.