Friday, September 2, 2011

Morgan Bay Hotel 6 course meal

Spending the night at the Morgan Bay Hotel on the Wild Coast during the Mini vs Maxi challenge, we also had dinner in the restaurant at the hotel.  The printed menu presented to us a 6 course set menu along with personal notes welcoming each guest that was booked for dinner on their name as well as other news from the hotel.

The starter was Caprese Puffs with Basil Pesto Drizzle.  My comment to my team mates after this course was that they could just throw a couple of these on a plate for me to be my whole dinner.  I'm not a big fan of cooked tomato but this was heavenly.

It was a good thing that I didn't request more of the starter, cause what came next was, in my opinion, even better.  Sweet butternut soup is my ultimate favorite soup, but the Morgan Bay Hotel introduced me to Roasted Red Pepper and Butternut Soup which was served with Bruchetta.  So what does that mean?  Well, its the taste of traditional butternut soup, but with the flavour of red peppers coming through with each spoon full.

The third course was called "From the Ocean" and consisted of pan fried Bream Meuniere.  By now I was starting to worry if I will actually have any space for the main meal, but one wants to taste everything and the fish did not disappoint at all.

The main meal was Red Thai Pork Curry on Pearl Rice and served with Roast Potatoes, Pumpkin with garlic chives and Broccoli au Gratin.  I'm not much of a chili or curry guy, so I was a bit unsure about this course.  It was perhaps just a tad too much for my tender taste buds, but my two companions absolutely loved it.

Dessert was a choice between Malva Pudding with Amarula Creme or Strawberry Jelly Jewels with homemade custard and all three of us went for the traditional malva pudding. 

Dessert was followed by cheese, biscuits and coffee and then, as we say in Afrikaans, "Magies vol, ogies toe", which translates to when the tummies are full the eyes want to close.


  1. All looks good, but just keep pouring the Amarula Creme please.

  2. That just looks sooooo good. I always but a bit of orange into my butternut soup which is really yummy but I will try with roasted peppers now you have said about it.
    I will join Gaelyn with the amarula creme....... Diane