Thursday, September 29, 2011

Giraffe tracking on foot... and breakfast after

The Mini vs Maxi trip was starting to draw to an end and we were just about done with our morning game drive at Bucklands Game Reserve.  We had one thing left to do and that we to find some giraffe to walk.  We got as close to them as it was possible with the vehicle and headed further on foot.

Along the way our ranger pointed out jackal spoor

Not long after we started to approach the giraffe.  Spot the ranger's rifle that I was firing during our firearm handling exercise.  We were approaching through an open area so we couldn't get too close.  The giraffe with their high vantage point spotted us coming a long way off.

I did get a could of photos of these long necked creatures before we had to head back to the vehicle, but anyway, I've had my giraffe close encounter during the trip already.

On our return to the lodge brunch was waiting for us out on the stoep (veranda) and by then all out tummies were rumbling.
We did all agree that a hearty brunch with this fantastic view was the perfect way to end a fantastic and memorable trip.  All that remained for us was to head back home with our photos and start telling the story. 


  1. Must be wonderful to eat at this table witch such a view. It invites to dream somehow!