Monday, September 19, 2011

Ama Zing–Zing Skywalk Trail

The Mini vs Maxi Adventure across the Eastern Cape took Team Mini to Areena Riverside Resort on Day 2 for a quad bike game drive.  When owner Ed Rathbone asked the question "How much time do you have?" we knew though that he had more in mind for us than just quad biking.  We were kitted out in harnesses before our quad ride and on arrival on top of the hill overlooking Areena Valley we were informed that we will be doing Areena's new Ama Zing-Zing zipline experience.

The zipline experience that officially opened a week after our visit, consists of of 10 ziplines up, down and across a couple of valleys with the longest being 153m and the highest 70m.  Once you go on the first zipline you suddenly realise why its called Ama Zing-Zing.  The mechanism go "ziiiiiiinnnnnggggg" as you fly down the cable towards your destination.

Its not easy describing the feeling of ziplining, specially when you, like myself, afraid of heights .  You are slightly nervous when you get clipped onto the first cable.  Your heart starts beating faster and you really only hear the essentials of what the guide tells you before putting your weight onto the cable.  Deep breath... push off... and ... absolute freedom as you glide across the valley.  Once you have done the first one the fear and nervousness are gone and you can't wait to get onto the next slide.  Absolute awesomeness.

Ed showing off a little, but this photo really describes the freedom you experience while ziplining best.


  1. Fantastic! I know a few people who would love to do this.

  2. Love it! I want to try any future zip that comes along.