Thursday, September 22, 2011

Game drive at Bucklands

During our wonderful stay at Bucklands Private Game Reserve during the Mini vs Maxi trip we had the opportunity to go on two game drives.  The first one starting at about 15:00ish (sorry, but I just can't remember the exact time) in the afternoon with the other one early the next morning.  As we were the only ones at the lodge for the night we had a game drive vehicle all to ourselves.  Our ranger, Werner, must be one of the most knowledgeable ranger I've ever had on a game drive.  He also literally went out his way to find us as much as possible during the drive and when there was nothing to see he was telling us about trees, plants and the history of the area.  Some of the game we saw on the drive included:


Burchell's Zebra




And Homo sapiens, also known as the visitors staying at the Luxury Tented Camp.


  1. Interesting stuff !!! I haven't had much time for reading blogs, I'm sorry to say, but today I have!! (a little anyway - B doesnt have homework as the class went on an outing .. and they're playing 'nicely' - for a bit anyway!! Garden fertilized, watered, trimming up to date etc etc !!)
    Your Mini/Maxi experience looks fantastic - lots to see and lots to do. Just love that kissing giraffe :)

  2. Just shown Abby the giraffe kissing you - "wow" they said then giggled !!!!