Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inkwenkwezi cheetah interaction

When it comes to big cats in Africa people usually think of the lion and the leopard as they both fall in the Big 5, which means that the cheetah are often neglected a bit.  But a big cat stays a big cat and during the Mini vs Maxi trip through the Eastern Cape we just couldn't let the opportunity go by to have a cheetah interaction session at Inkwenkwezi Game Reserve outside East London.

Approaching the enclosure you hear a low growling coming from inside.  The ranger quickly assured us that its not them growling but in fact purring.  After a quick briefing we headed inside and once you start to interact with what at 120km/hour is the fastest land mammal in the world, you suddenly realise that they are nothing more than overgrown pussycats.

A hansom pair we make


  1. Fantastic photos, and yes maybe big puddy-cats, but they are still wild animals, watch out. Like the last shot, Diane

  2. Oh wow! A very handsome pair! Pretty brave too Firefly! Don't know if I'd be happy so close!

  3. They are magnificent. And although I missed seeing Cheetah while in ZA did interact with one at a wildlife park in Oregon long ago. Plus from my experiences as an animal keeper in California interacting with a Mt Lion I agree that the big kitties are pussycats. Yet I don't encourage people approaching them in the wilds.

    So glad you got this experience.