Friday, September 16, 2011

Quad bike game drive at Areena Resort

One of the activities I looked forward to the most on the Mini vs Maxi adventure was to go on a quad bike game drive at Areena Riverside Resort  outside East London.  Other than going round and round on a little mosquito driven quad bike at the church fate with my son or daughter in front of me, I've never been on a proper quad bike before this.

Areena has three quad bike options with a short 20 minute ride, an one hour rise to the top of the ridge, which we did, or a longer two hour ride taking in the whole property.  After kitting up we went through a quick operational and safety briefing before we went off into the reserve.

The ride itself is not a race and the guide, which in our case was owner Ed Rathbone, leads the way with a steady yet comfortable pace.  The trails aren't too difficult and seeing that I was still learning the quad biking ropes I took it easy up and down the steeper sections.

The game viewing itself ranged from spotting zebra and a couple of antelope species...

... to seeing giraffe.  But to be honost, for me it was more about the quad biking experience than seeing the game.  The problem with this kind of thing is that once you have done it you want to know when you can do it again. Adventure, doesn't matter if its soft, mild or extreme adventures, is addictive. 


  1. This was just another adventure in your life. You're young and will enjoy many more.