Friday, April 22, 2011

Mossel Bay Shell Museum

The Mossel Bay Shell Museum forms part of the Dias Museum Complex and is housed in the old Shirley Building built in 1902.  Some people may think that it could be a bit of a boring spot, but museum houses a fantastic collection of shells from all over the world along with shell related artifacts and things like whale bones.  The kids probably enjoyed this more than some of the other places have have taken them to in the past.

The museum also contains a number of aquariums with different fish and marine life in them.  Here the Damselfly and Chaos Boy has a look at an octopus in one of the tanks while the tank with Nemo the Clown Fish was also a hit.
Drama Princess had more interest in the interactive tank at the counter though.  A staff member of the museum is always on hand to point out all the interesting bits and pieces in the tank and kids are encouraged to touch and feel.

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  1. Yet another marvelous museum. I love the touch things and the kids really do look like they enjoyed this.