Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cape St Blaze Lighthouse

Although Mossel Bay has beautiful white beaches, the coastline from its western point onwards is a rugged and dangerous one.  A lighthouse was erected on top of Cape St Blaze in 1864 and until recently was one of only two lighthouses on the South African coastline manned 24 hours a day.

Until the late 1970s a clockwork system was used to turn the lens of the light.  This required a light keeper to climb up the tower and wind it up every three hours!  Today all the navigational aids and joining plant are fully automated, but a senior light keeper and two light keepers are still employed.  A constant radio watch is kept and the regular meteorological duties are also undertaken.

 The view from the Cape St Blaze Lighthouse across the bay and down to the Point is spectacular.  My panorama picture of the bay didn't come out very well, so I'm just posting a pic of the Point.

Info credit - Lighthouses.co.za


  1. I didn't make it to the top, but enjoyed the view from below, including the cave the lighthouse is built on top of. Nice shots.

  2. I like the lighthouse! Very pretty area. What happened to the pano? I bet its cool......

  3. Lighthouses, while not as prominent as they once were, as still just as important.

  4. Love the stark white and red roof...what a view.