Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3D Township scene cards

The best place in Mossel Bay to find and buy local art is at the Craft Art Workshop close to the Diaz Museum Complex.  The centre is more than just a "curio shop" and over the last few years many young emerging artists have been trained by the established artists exhibiting here and now also exhibit their own products and handy work.  Visitors can browse through the display area as well as visit the workshops to see how the art is produced.

One of the artists that has been at the Craft Art Workshop from the start is Hein Marais.  Although Hein's main products are rock art images and paper-mêché, he has trained about 20 artists in different art methods.  One of his students were the late Matthews Malambile who made the Craft Art Workshop famous for his beautiful 3D township scenes.
Even though Matthews isn't with them anymore, Hein along with Matthews' wife and a number of apprentices are allowing his legacy to live on by still producing the cards.  In addition to the 3D cards the township scenes are also available on gift bags or as framed art.


  1. Great arts! Need to visit the place.

    I also try and do one photo a day now on my photo blog

  2. A living legacy is a great honour.