Monday, April 18, 2011

Harry Giddey Park

In the heart of downtown Mossel Bay exploring visitors will find Harry Giddey Park.  The park was first laid out as a Victorian Park in the grand English manner in 1887 and was extensively upgraded in the 1940's by Harry Giddey after whom the park was renamed.

Except for the main park, there is also an section with aviaries full of birds as well as a touch farm (where strangely people aren't allowed to touch or feed the animals?????) with miniature horses, goats, chickens, tortoises and other farm animals.

Some of the aviaries have the most colourful birds in them and the Rugrats specially like this specific one.
Taking a walk through the park we exited through the southern entrance on our way back to the car.  This entrance has a set of historic gates that were erected in 1903 to commemorate the diamond jubilee of the reign of Queen Victoria.  I have passed these gates so many times on my way through Mossel Bay over the years and didn't know what they were till this specific visit.  There is always something new to learn.


  1. Interesting! Love the gate! I have the same poem in my garden - it was suppose to hang on the wall but I've now used it as a stepping stone in a pathway (trying to make it not look like a little grave! - almost succeeding!
    Beautifully colourful bird!

  2. Thankfully there is always something new to learn, and share. Kind of unusual to have a touching place with no touching though. Nice park.