Monday, April 25, 2011

Dana Bay

The area of Dana Bay is a suburb of Mossel Bay and is located 10 kilometers or so west of town.  In addition to being a residential area, the whole of Dana Bay is a conservancy, home to fine examples of coastal and limestone varieties of fynbos where bush buck, steenbok, mongooses and over 85 bird species roam freely.  Dana Bay boasts miles and miles of sandy beaches where visitors will also find the protected black oyster catchers.  On my visit I really enjoyed sitting on the beach at low tide watching the oyster catchers taking mussels off the rocks and opening them up with their strong beaks.  The Damselfly actually commented how she has to pay a fortune for a meal like that while they seem to get them off the rocks with very little effort. 

Dana Bay has two main beaches which was quite clearly named using as little imagination as possible.  First Beach and Second Beach.  First Beach, seemingly very popular with fishermen, is closest to Mossel Bay and stretches from the end of the rocky coast line westwards.  To me Second beach is the "romantic beach" where you can take a long quiet walk with your loved one and see very few people the further you move away from the residential area.

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  1. I saw signs along the beaches for black oyster catchers but never saw any. Maybe had something to do with high sandblasting wind.