Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Table Mountain floodlights

Table Mountain is an every day sight for all who lives and visits Cape Town.  There is nothing like the sight of the mountain on a beautiful day or when the table cloth starts to spill over it from behind.  On special days and occasions the mountain is also visible at night when the flood lights are switched on.  The lights aren't left on though as they do impact on the natural rhythms of the plants, animals and insects that call Table Mountain home.

I was delighted to see that they were on the evening that I was in Cape Town.  I headed up to the road by the Lower Cable Station for a couple of pics.  Unfortunately I didn't have my tripod to get a crisp detailed shot or to use a longer exposure and I wasn't going to wander around on the dark road all by myself.  Next time I mustn't forget to pack my tripod when I go down there.