Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Morgan Bay

I have never had the pleasure or privilege to explore the Wild Coast and its very high on my "To Do" list.  The Mini vs Maxi trip gave me to opportunity to discover Morgan Bay in the southern part of the Wild Coast.  The little hamlet (cause you can't quite call it a village) of Margan Bay lies next to a beautiful stretch of beach with a lagoon on the one side and rolling grass hills ending in cliffs leading down to the ocean on the other.  Morgan Bay was named in 1822 after A.F. Morgan, who was master of the royal naval survey ship, Barracouta.  The Barracouta was one of a number of ships on expedition, sent out by the British Admiralty to survey the coast south of Maputo.  In the early 1900's the area became a popular holiday destination for Eastern Cape farmers who used to head down there on their wagons to camp by the sea.

Our base for the night in Morgan Bay was the charming and very homely Morgan Bay Hotel, perched on the coastline with magnificent views up and down the coast.  The hotel is still a real family hotel that are run by Richard and Jackie Warren-Smith.  Richard's grandfather built the hotel in 1946 and currently Richard is doing some major renovations and additions to the hotel. 

The hotel's rooms are spacious and with views of the Indian Ocean like the one above it is the ideal family holiday destination.  The hotel caters for everyone and even has a separate children's dining room and kids' TV lounge, but with the magnificent beach and lagoon close by, who wants to sit and watch television all day?


  1. Looking at the map, the Wild Coast truly intrigued me. Yet alas, there seemed no time to make the side trips to get there. Now I'm sure to add it to my ever growing list.