Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The women of the Donkin Reserve

Today  (9 August 2011) we celebrate National Women's Day here in South Africa.  In recognition of all the women of the world this post contains the symbolism dedicated to women on the Donkin Reserve in Port Elizabeth.

One of the new art pieces installed on the Donkin Reserve is a conversation piece by renowned sculpture Anton Momberg.  The sculpture is a dedication to all the women that have contributed and are contributing to the city.  She faces the pyramid towards the rising sun and offers a chair on the "Balcony of the City" to the international stage. 

The pyramid itself is also a monument to a woman.  In actual fact the woman after whom Port Elizabeth was named.  The pyramid, or Donkin Memorial as it is known, was erected by Sir Rufane Donkin in 1820 in memory of his wife, Lady Elizabeth Donkin, who died the year before of fever in India.  The plaque reads:

To the memory
of one of the most perfect
of human beings
who has given her name
to the Town below