Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Green Point Light

Whenever I visit Cape Town I like to head over to the Green Point Lighthouse for a short walk along the promenade.  On this visit I wanted to go and get a picture of the lighthouse with a glimpse of Table Mountain in the background, but alas the mountain didn't offer even the slightest glimpse.  The lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in South Africa and was completed in 1824.  It is about 20 meters high with a light power of 850 000 candle power and a range of 25 sea miles.
Later that evening on my way to dinner I passed the lighthouse again and decided to try and get a picture of the actual light.  I didn't have a tripod with me in Cape Town, but one of the dirt bins next to the promenade was quickly improvised into one.


  1. Whenever I taught at the Point Virgin Active I would see this up the road....lovely memories...

  2. It's a fantastic place to walk... I used to love the area around there when I lived in Cape Town.
    Great night shot!