Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sea Point Promenade art

I've seen so many photos of the art pieces along the Sea Point Promenade in Cape Town that I put some time aside on my visit to the city to stop by and check it out.  The 18 sculptures depicts a story called Walking the Road and can be found all along the promenade.  Designed by sculpture Marieke Prinsloo, the pieces tell a story of a little girl walking along while dreaming she can fly. 

Along the way she encounters a dragonfly and the tale continues on until the little girl's arms turn into dragonfly wings and she flies with him.  The Little Girl in the artist's fable-like interpretation representing a young South African democracy and the Dragonfly visualises a dream of freedom, equality and hope that we as a nation pursue.

According to the website the pieces were going to be on display for a year until the end of July 2011.  I was there on 30 July and there wasn't any indication that they were going to be taken down yet.  I hope they stay up for a while longer cause they really give the walk along the promenade extra meaning.