Sunday, August 21, 2011

Farriagers Restaurant - Port Elizabeth

Being a family on a tight budget with a couple of Rugrats in tow, the grand total of our regular eating out experience is popping into KFC for the odd take-away.  There used to be a time when, as a tourist guide, I got to try out all kinds of restaurants, but now being mostly office bound it doesn't happen that often that I get to order off a proper menu.  Following my post on a sneak peak at the Kelway Hotel's newly refurbished rooms, I received an e-mail from the hotel's GM ShandrĂ© Main inviting me and the family over for dinner at the Farriagers Restaurant at the hotel as thanks for the positive article.  My reply, "You know that I'll do a review for the blog."
The Farriagers Restaurant is situated above reception on the first floor of the Kelway Hotel in Humewood, Port Elizabeth.  As it was a school night we had a fairly early reservation at 6:30 and was showed to our table by a very attentive and helpful Nandipa who also looked after us for the duration of our meal.  Although there were a couple of things that caught my eye on the menu, I decided to start with something I haven't had before and went for the Deep fried Sesame Camembert served with cranberry sauce and melba toast (R40).  As I cut off the end the melted cheese slowly poured out.  I officially have a new favorite starter.

The Damselfly started with Springbok Carpaccio with salad greens, basil pesto drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette and topped with parmesan shavings (R45).  Unfortunately she tucked in and consumed it before I could snap a photo which means that either she was ravenously hungry or it tasted good.  Her answer confirmed the latter.  Seeing that the Springboks were playing the All Blacks in town on the following weekend, she stayed in a patriotic mood and ordered the Casserole of Springbok Shank served on a bed of sun-dried tomato, mashed potato, seasonal veg and Juniper berry and bacon sauce (R115).  The meat was so soft that it literally fell off the bone.  I had a taste of the sauce and I have to say that its quite an unusual combination that can't help but work like a bomb.

I don't often make steak at home, so I opted for the flame grilled and basted T-bone steak and served with thick cut potato chips and seasonal veg (R96) done medium-well, just like I like it.  If there is one thing I have to fault out of the whole night though, it was the fact that there was no offer of a sauce with the steak.  Although with the basting on it wasn't really necessary, but you do get other folk who like a sauce with their steak.  No train smash though.

Now we're not big wine drinkers, but all of this went down very well with one of my favorite wines, a Robertson Chapel Natural Sweet Rose.  Ice cold, thank you very much.

Seeing that we had the Rugrats along its important to add that they thoroughly cater for kids as well.  Both had milkshakes that made me consider swopping my wine for one.  Chaos Boy who barely eat anything other than burgers had... a burger - thought I was going to say some exotic meal, didn't you - while Drama Princess had a plate full of the most succulent chicken strips I have ever seen.

With our tummies just about well and truly full, we thought to have a look at the dessert menu - just for interest sake.  Nandipa was quick, and rightfully so, to suggest that we try the restaurant's speciality dessert, the Wild African Cream and chocolate chip Cheesecake drizzled with mocha and berry infused choc sauce (R40).  Now there is a winner and a magnificent way to end off the perfect meal.  By now Drama Princess' eyes were blinking faster than a sos signal and we knew that it was time to head home without still having coffee as well.  All and all Farriagers Restaurant came through with flying colours and still with some change to spare.  If you live in Port Elizabeth and haven't been, I would suggest you give them a go.


  1. It all looks delicious. I'd be fighting Chaos Boy over that milkshake.

  2. I agree with Gaelyn, it all looks delicious, yum! Now to find a gullible guy to take me on a date to Farriagers Restaurant at the Kelway Hotel.

  3. I would break my healthy plan to eat that food!!!!!!!!