Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sedgefield Easter Egg Drop

One of the events that was held during the recent Sedgefield Slow Festival was an Easter Egg drop on the beach next to the Swartvlei lagoon.  The crowd that turned up exceeded the wildest expectations of the organisers, so the kids were split up into three groups according to age and size.

After the splitting of the kids (nearly as hard as the splitting of an atom) were finally done, the wait started. Everybody was scanning the horizon as the Easter Bunny (who seemed to have forgotten his suit) was making his Easter egg drop from a paraglider.  He came by three times to make drops for each group and with each pass the chaos just increased as with anything that involves throngs and throngs of kids.

 ...and they are off...  Fastest in front and unfortunately the smallest in the back

Hey! Whay is there a mother with curlers in her hair picking up eggs in the middle of the picture? LOL! I just couldn't halp but laugh.  She ran with her daughter and got so into the thing that she also dived down to pick up.  Unfortunately the turnout, as mentioned, was a lot more than expected which meant the they didn't have enough eggs for all the kids which in my book was a big FAIL!  A number of parents, me included, gave the main organiser on the beach an ear full before taking our very disappointed kids back to the cars to try and make it up to them elsewhere.  I have received the reassurance that for next year's event they will make sure that there are enough.  I hope so, cause I will be there to check up on their promise... 


  1. Aaaah! That's a pity - but a great idea! Sure hope they are better organised next time! All snuggled up waiting for my soup! :)

  2. Not cool when a kid thing isn't better organized. Hope for better next year.
    Where's the soup?

  3. I agree - you can not disappoint a child like that.