Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sedgefield Slow Festival parade

The town of Sedgefield on the Garden Route was confirmed as Africa’s first Cittaslow Town by the International Cittaslow movement at the end of 2010.  Inspired by the concept of ‘slow food’, Cittaslow is a worldwide membership organisation promoting quality of life and resisting fast-lane lifestyle.  As part of their continued celebration of being a Slow Town, Sedgefield had their Slow Festival over Easter weekend.  One of the highlights of the festival was the parade through town which was led by the newly crowned Miss Slow Festival on the back of the red vintage car.

Behind the vintage cars came Sedgefield's own Chinese style dragon / bird / something else.  The team of the Smutsville performers operating it was awesome bobbing and weaving at the tune of the music and "scaring" little kids and dogs.

 The music was provided by the brilliant local church marching band from St. James and the two guys on the trumpets didn't hold back one little bit.

Following them was the most popular part of the parade.  Life sized animal puppets by Roger Titley who also created the ‘Elephant puppets’ that did the closing ceremony for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

The animals included everything from geese to a sea horse and just about every four legged wild animal you can imagine.

 Following right in the back of the parade was the epitome of slow... a snail

The best part of the parade was that as it past the people lining the street, everybody just joined in and walked along.  Here Drama Princess is having a chat with the two warthogs...

... while Chaos Boy is getting a bit closer acquainted with the T Rex.


  1. Love the puppets. They look like large versions of my articulated wood creatures.

    I sure like the idea of slowing down in life.

  2. My, how cool are those puppets!