Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pine plantation

Up to about 100 to 150 years ago the indigenous forests along the Southern Cape stretched all along the area known as the Garden Route.  When the authorities of the time realised that due to extensive logging the forests wouldn't last forever, it was decided to replace some of the decimated areas with mostly pine, but also blue gum, plantations and to cut back on the wood cutting operations in the forest itself.  Today forestry and logging are still one of the biggest industries in the Southern Cape with the plantations producing the wood and the indigenous forest being protected.  On a recent trip to the Tsitsikamma I stayed at Tsitsikamma Lodge and had the opportunity to walk through a pine plantation on one of their short trails.

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  1. I remember seeing some of these "forest nurseries" and wondering what kind of pine as they looked very similar to our Ponderosa and Lodgepole.

    Unfortunately way too many of the worlds natural forests are gone forever.

    Welcome home.