Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Poort-Pourri Kontreiwinkel

Driving towards De Rust and Oudtshoorn from Prince Albert takes one through Meiringspoort. Just before you enter the poort the road passes the little hamlet of Klaarstroom which has remained virtually unchanged since the days of Queen Victoria. As we were passing the turnoff into Klaarstroom my eye caught a peculiar sight and I nearly left the road as I spun my head around. A number of man sized dolls were sitting on benches, on bikes and just standing around next to the road.

It turned out to be a gimmic to get people to stop at the Poort-Pourri Kontreiwinkel (country or farm stall). The shop sells antiques, bric & brac, fruit end veg and of cause cold drinks which was very welcome on a day the temperature topped 40C. I asked Drama Princess to sit in between two of the "ladies" to get a good idea of their size. At first she didn't trust them thinking that one may just move, but eventually sat down and posed for a pic.
GPS: 33°20'5.19"S, 22°32'24.83"E


  1. you have discovered places the rest of South Africa has forgotten...*giggle*

  2. Hi Firefly - scary little town - must say when I passed through about 25 years ago I never saw the quaint dolls. It is quite an impressive journey you have made with marvelous sites along the way.

  3. That's a great way to get people's attention.

  4. Well spotted!!! that's the kind of thing that would have me wanting to stop too!!!
    Gena @ thinking aloud
    South Africa

  5. No way! I LOVE those dolls! They certainly know how to pick on my heart! I have never been that way, but boy oh boy! It's on my bucket list now!