Wednesday, January 27, 2010


A couple of lifeguards watching the swimming area at the main beach in Cannon Rocks.

When I walked up to the guys with my camera in hand I think they were quite curious about what I wanted. I asked them to just sit and do what they were doing. They did as per my request and never looked over their shoulders, but I did notice them talking and laughing about what I was busy with. Afterwards I was thinking how different the scenario around lifeguards really are compared to the glamorous way they have been portrayed in the television series Baywatch. I would much rather put my life in these guys' hands than have Pamela Anderson run towards me in slow mo with all her floatation devices attached. Although when it comes to receiving CPR...
GPS: 33°44'59.32"S, 26°32'47.73"E


  1. LOL, can imagine - u made them feel famous and they went home to tell their families that night all about this crazy man who photographed their BACKS!!

    I love the hats and the cheerful colors - never seen that before.

  2. Haha! Thanks for the giggle today! Imagine what went through their heads!

  3. :) Hehe!
    When I was about 16 I was rescued by a lifesaver - oh no .. not a hunk either ... ugly, spotty faced and thin !!! :) Ever since then I have tremendous respect for the sea and let these guys do their rescuing of others!

  4. Yes, lifeguards who are serious about their job are much different than how lifeguards are typically portrayed in movies or on TV.