Saturday, January 23, 2010

Exercé Perfection

Although Oudtshoorn is only a big town and not a major city, it houses one of South Africa's biggest military bases. It also has an invantary school where a part of South Africa's military forces get their training. This statue of a soldier is situated on the road outside the entrance to the base. The plaque reads:

Exercé Perfection
"Where the sun-bathed hights of Swartberg
guard the wide and fertile plain
you are training future leaders
for our armies' might and main"
GPS: 33°34'52.81"S, 22°11'30.18"E


  1. I was an army brat Jonker and know how much our troops have done for tis country.

  2. Plenty! They did plenty and I still think that it wouldn't be a bad thing for today's youngsters to do some sort of compulsory training, even if only for 6 months! In Germany the kids have to either spent 6 months in the military or they have to spend 6 months doing some or other community service. I think its important!