Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sundays Falls / Fairy Glen Trail

The Sundays Falls hike is probably one of the easiest short trails in the Royal Natal National Park and we set out one morning while camping there to see what the Sundays Falls look like.  As usual Chaos Boy was in the lead and Drama Princess tried her best to persuade us that it would be better to relax around camp rather than head into the veld where we spotted some baboons the previous day. 

Only about 100 meters onto the trail we crossed this little stream with tiny little pink flowers hanging over it.  As with most of the trails in the area there is no shortage of streams and rivers along the way and because it was in the mids of the summer rainy season the vegetation was lush and green.

The day was very overcast and it felt like every time we headed through an open area it decided to drizzle.  The irony of it was that whenever we found a spot where we could shelter it stopped.  At least it was nice and warm, so the drizzle didn't really bother.  It actually helped to keep us cool.

After about two and a half kilometers we reached the top of the Sundays Fall.  Mmmm... It didn't look to spectacular.  The family decided to take a rest and have the picnic I was carrying in my backpack.  While they were snacking away I made my way through the stream and found a slippery path heading down the little gorge to the pool at the bottom.

All the way down I could hear the waterfall and just caught glimpses of it through the thick vegetation, but my surprise was huge when I got to the bottom and saw the waterfall in its full glory.  The contrast from the top to the bottom is poles apart.  What looked like nothing more than a stream flowing over a ledge turned into a beautiful waterfall.

On the way back to camp a couple of other hikers recommended that we turned left on one of the forks and head into Fairy Glen. Fairy Glen is a heavily wooded section and the path passes another beautiful waterfall and pool before spitting you out right next to the camp's reception area.

And guess what?  Along the way I found some more bracket fungus to photograph.  Its amazing how many different types of bracket grows in the humid and moist Drakensberg.

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  1. Sure glad you decided to explore further. The falls are amazing. I too found the intermittent rains to be rather refreshing.