Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kruis River

I spent two days in the Tsitsikamma on a team building trip over the weekend where we stayed at the Tsitsikamma Lodge which is right next door to the Kruis River.  What was apparently a gentle meandering stream the day before turned into a raging torrent of water overnight after a big rain storm.
After the afternoon's activities I used the free time we had to take a walk down to the old bridge.  The hotel is situated on the land where woodcutters and travellers of old had their outspan and the old bridge, although not in use anymore, cross the river where the ox wagons used to cross it.
The brown colour of the water is due to tannin being picked up by the rivers in the area as they flow through the Fynbos and forests.  So in a way the vegitation acts as a "tea bag" causing the water to change colour.  Even though it is brown in colour the water is perfectly clean and is used by locals, visitors and hikers.


  1. I can remember Cape Town City nieces being horrified by the deep brown bath water of the Riversdale Country nieces. Sometimes our Porterville water is softly brown.

  2. Spectacular! Looks like flowing rootbeer.

  3. Thanks for explaining the colour of the water. I was wondering about that.