Friday, March 18, 2011

Social Wasps

"Come any closer and feel the wrath of my sting!"  That's probably what this wasp was saying while I was lining him up in my view finder.  Social Wasps (Family Vespidae) are normally brown with yellow or white markings on the abdomen.

The females build communal paper nests for their eggs and the larvae are fed on chewed caterpillars.  The cells are then capped while the larvae pupate. We normally have two or three of these nests around the house, but luckily haven't had any problems.  The reason may be that we have this "if I have trouble with you I break your nests"agreement.


  1. This doesn't sound "social" for either of you. ;) Nice macros!

  2. Sounds like our Yellowjackets we have here but they will swarm on you if you get too close to the nest. I found out last year that I have an allergy to them when stung. Not Good!!!

  3. My friends ... the wasps - cool photos!