Thursday, March 3, 2011

South End Angels

I decided to venture away from the Drakensberg area for a day or two just in case you are starting to get a little tired (I hope not cause there is more where that came from) of mountains, streams and waterfalls.  Today I'm doing a Random ... theme post of angels I found around the South End Cemetery here in Port Elizabeth.

This I felt is a sad picture for two reasons.  Its always sad when the angels have to come and fetch a child and secondly because she is missing an arm.  I have a picture of (I think) the same angel which was taken in 2009 where she still has her arm.  See here for picture featured in this post.

 Another "child angel" keeping an eye over the surrounding graves

An "adult angel" in Black and White rounding out the trio of angels for today's post


  1. The angels are interesting. But, please, more Bergs! I could never tire of that place.