Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tsitsikamma Falls Zipline

Have you ever wanted to fly through the air like Superman with the wind through you hair skimming the top of the trees?  Fly so low over a roaring waterfall that the spray blows in your face?  Well, if this was a Vodacom advert I would say, "We've been having it!"

A group of us went to the Tsitsikamma to do the Tsitsikamma Falls Zipline adventure.  The difference between this one and the Storms River Adventures' Treetops Canopy Tour is that the latter takes place in the top of the trees inside the indigenous forest while the former is out in the open crossing the Kruis River gorge.  On your arrival you get briefed and then kitted out in a harness and helmet.  From there you head down to the first platform while you prod and pull to try and get all your parts to comfortably fit into the harness.  Not that they are uncomfortable, but if you don't wear such things every day...

The first four of the eight slides is what I would call gentle.  After one, or in some people's case possibly two, slides you get the hang (literally and figuratively) of it and start enjoying the scenery more and don't just worry about when to brake.  The guides are also very helpful and explains to you exactly what to do before you step off the platform so you should have peace of mind even if you are afraid of heights (which I am).

Slide five is where the AWESOME started.  The river has a series of waterfalls and due to a rain storm the previous night it was in flood.  As you pass over the lip of the first waterfall the spray gently showers you while you are speeding along.  Looking back at the folks behind me the view of the waterfall in the background was breathtaking.

Slide six takes you along a fairly narrow section of the gorge and over another two waterfalls.  From the platform you have to walk uphill to get to the next platform and looking down you get a much better idea on how fast you actually go along the cable.  The next group were zipping along and you could hear the whoops of excitement over the buzz of the mechanism on the cable.
After the last two slides you walk under slide one on the way back to reception.  Another group had just set off and we could see them zipping by overhead.  How I wished I was going again with them.  This is definitively one of those experiences that I would do over and over if I had the opportunity and I can highly recommend it to anybody wanting a soft adrenalin adventure.


  1. Sounds and looks amazing !!
    I was chatting with one my yoga buddies yesterday, who has just come back from the Drakensberg and done that canopy tour - says its AMAZING!! It was designed by the same people who designed this one - will have to try it!

  2. Does that sound confusing? The canopy tour in Drakensberg (near Drakensberg Sun) is also designed by the Tsitsikamma people !

  3. I sure wish I'd done this. Looks like So much fun.

  4. I really wish we had one of those here! omg! =0D

  5. Yay for zip lines!

    I've even gone done ones I've helped build, which is really neat.

  6. I'm also nervous about heights, so I'd need to work up some nerve to do it but wow, it does look like fun