Monday, March 28, 2011

No 7 Castle Hill history visit

I got word last week that St Georges Prep's grade 4 class was having their annual visit to No 7 Castle Hill on Friday morning.  "Why would you be interested in a grade 4 class' visit to a museum?" you ask.  Well, because it has become an tradition for the kids from St Georges Prep to dress up in period clothing for their visit.

 The staff at the museum divided the kids into two groups and took them on a tour through the old house

The kitchen is probably one of the most interesting parts of the museum and the kids gathered around the kitchen table while being shown all the interesting objects on display.

 A couple of the girls were very keen to show off their dresses...

 ... while it took a bit more effort to get the boys to pose.

 This little girl may not have gone for the typical Victorian dress style, but she was one of my favorites

I was walking around while the kids had their tour of the museum.  As I came into one of the rooms a couple of the girls were sitting on the floor chatting.  The scene felt like it fitting in perfectly with the day's theme.


  1. 'tis wonderful that they're getting the opportunity to live history for a day!

  2. I love this idea. And the kids really look great. That last photo is so historic.

  3. Getting dressed up makes all the difference, I'm sure, and then they probably listen better as they feel the part - they all look so cute! Love that last photo! Typical little girls .. chatting away !!

  4. They sure look like they lived in that time, so well dressed up!!!

  5. That puts a whole new spin on bringing history to life! At that age I remember history as the Great Trek. Now we live in a plattelandse dorpie with a Voortrekker Road ;~)