Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tiger Falls

The other day I did a blog post of the hike we did on the Lookout Rock / Tiger Falls route in the northern Drakensberg.  The Tiger Falls are one of the main waterfalls in the Royal Natal National Park and is visible from the Mahai campsite as it makes its was down the mountain.  The hike took us past the big section of the waterfall roughly in the middle of the picture above.

We did the hike before all the rain hit the berg so it wasn't in full force when we stopped by, but it was still a very beautiful sight.  I'm not sure where the Tiger Falls got its name as there isn't any tigers in South Africa.  My thought is that it may refer to leopard as the people referred to them as tigers in the early days.

I was able, after a lot of slipping and sliding, to climb up behind the waterfall and get the shot above looking through it.


  1. I love how you got behind the waterfall. Very brave, but a lovely photograph! There are so many special hidy, holes in the 'berg! It's a really special place!

  2. The waterfalls are spectacular! Love the shot from behind the falls. Probably better you weren't up there during or after the heavy rain. But it sure would look Awesome.

  3. I want to live in the back of a waterfall! I have since i was a kid! BEAUTIFUL!!

  4. Living in the Cape now I forget how green and lush KZN is in the summer... it looks so beautiful in these pictures. I know you had rain (maybe way more than you wanted!) but I hope also some thunder & lightning? I have so many memories of fantastic thunder storms there. So exciting. Storms are so rare here in Cape Town, I miss them.