Friday, January 14, 2011

Mountain Proteas

Whenever we went for a walk on one of the trails around the campsite and started climbing up the mountain side across the rolling hillsides, we would pass through a protea belt.  I was always under the impression that proteas, being a plant in the Fynbos (Cape Floral Kingdom) biome, only occurred in the Western and Eastern Cape, but quite clearly there is a protea specie that thrives at high altitude in the Drakensberg.  I'm not too sure what the specific specie is as most of the flowers have dried already, but I can imagine that the mountain would be even more beautiful when they are in full bloom.

UPDATE: As said in the comments below, this protea is a Sugerbush.


  1. The proteas could only add to the beauty of the Bergs. Didn't see any in the fall, but did see some other nice flowers. With all the rain in the Bergs I'll bet there's different flowers all the time.

  2. There are six or more species of Protea that occur in the mountains of KZN - the most common being Protea caffra - the Common Sugarbush - also the most widespread of all our proteas. This may be it but not sure. A good book is Elsa Pooley's Mountain Flowers: A guide to the flora of the Drakensberg and Lesotho.

  3. Stunning photographs of the Drakensberg area. One day I will venture inland and in a north easterly direction to this wonderful location.

    Botany is not my strong point - so maybe another reader can provide more detailed flower/Protea information.

  4. I tried to leave a comment on Friday but I see it didn't go through.
    Nice photo! Like Caroline,I think this one is the Sugar Bush - it looks identical to the ones we have in a park close to our home and those are the Sugar Bush