Monday, January 24, 2011

Constantia Farm Stall

What is it with farm stalls that make one want to turn off and have a look and see what they have to offer?  Driving through the Eastern Free State on our way to the Drakensberg, we saw the Constantia Farm Stall (not referring to Constantia in Cape Town) outside Fickburg beckoning and slowed down for a look.

The farm stall catches ones attention immediately as you come down the road with its "hay bale heads and figures" right next to it.  Although I have seen something similar in the Western Cape, I thought it was quite innovative and a good way to get a motorist's attention.

The farm stall itself was divided into different sections with lots of hand made good on display.  Because the area is famous for its cherries, cherries (the fruit and not the dress wearing kind *wink*) makes up the bulk of the items on sale.  The had everything from cherries in syrup to cherries in liqueur, cherry ice cream topping and cherry jam.  Unfortunately they wouldn't let me take a picture inside the shop which is something I often can't understand.  Its free promotion.  Now if I was brandishing a Getaway or Weg travel magazine business card it probably wouldn't have been a problem, but because I'm a blog I get blown off.  Pfft... Whatever...  Vent over.               

On our return trip we stopped at Constantia again for breakfast and wasn't sorry we did.  Bacon, cheese sausage, eggs, coffee in enamel coffee cans, boere beskuit (farm style rusks) and cherry jam with my toast.  Just the refill every driver needs on the long road. 

I'm just thinking. Perhaps I should have shot a sly photo with my Blackberry inside the shop to post on here as well.  Mmmmmmm.... *rubbing chin with a far off stare in the eye*


  1. OH WOW! Look at that breakfast! True Free State style! I love farm stalls. Always something new and interesting to find. Could be a tasty "Konfyt" or just an old tin! Love it!

  2. That is one of the best looking farmstalls I have ever seen and so welcoming. Diane

  3. Hay people and breakfast! Photo ops don't get much better!! :-)

    You were wondering about the HDR (software) or the fisheye(lens)effect of my railroad post? Fisheye is the lens, though you can simulate in software but it is WAY more fun to photograph with the lens. The HDR thing, I use photoshop. Very expensive. (Go sign up for a class at a college and get a deep discount. Is what I did.) OR you can download and use The Gimp editing software for free. Does most things that photoshop does (one critical for me missing tool though) and here is an HDR tutorial with the gimp:

  4. I know what you mean. I stopped at several Farm Stalls on my travels and always ate good there.

  5. Looks like a nice little store and a grand breakfast.

  6. Looks fantastic. I love the faces on the bales of hay. And the breakfast!