Monday, January 31, 2011

Ant food

During our camping holiday in the Drakensberg I rolled my ankle on one of the hikes because I was looking around for interesting stuff to photograph and not where I was walking.  So somebody asked me at the office why I don't watch where I am going.  Because then I would miss the little things.  Things like ants taking food to their nests.

A seed nearly as big as the ant himself.  And this was a big ant.

Teamwork to get the grasshopper to the nest

This butterfly (or moth) was done and delivered.  They didn't have any use for the wings though.


  1. Doesn't it amaze you at how strong these little things are? Imagine trying to carry something almost as big as you! I think they're incredible! :)

  2. Ants are fascinating to watch. But you also have to watch where you're walking.