Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ron Belling Art Gallery

Keeping to yesterdays' aviation theme, today I would like to feature the Ron Belling Art Gallery. I probably is one of my favorite art galleries in Port Elizabeth, if not the favorite.
The Ron Belling Art Gallery is housed in a fine Art Deco house built in 1936 and just across the road from the historic St Georges Park Cricket Ground.

Ron Belling (1933 - 1998) was a Port Elizabeth architect, aviation and marine painter, and an authority on aviation history, aircraft design, aircraft camouflage and markings. The most amazing fact about him was that he was a self taught painter who could do the most amazing things with a paint brush.

The collection consist of mainly historic military aircraft and boats, most of them depicted against a historic Port Elizabeth as a back ground. In just about all the cases the paintings represents something that really happened. Except for the main collection being on show, the gallery also hosts different artists' exhibitions throughout the year.


  1. Wow, are those paintings? They are amazing, they look like photographs!

  2. I must get MIL to take me there when we're in PE again! Looks really interesting!