Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Palace of the Lost City

The Palace of the Lost City is an ultra luxury hotel situated in Sun City. The Palace was designed as the royal palace of the ancient civilization that used to live in the Lost City. It is surrounded by Fantastic gardens and a man made forest with all kinds of features.
The Palace Towers at night

The Palace as seen from one of the forest paths with one of the cascading streams in the foreground

The main swimming pool area

Palace fountain


  1. I love the first one and also the last fountain shot. The palace really is an awesome sight!

  2. that palace at nite !!!! WOW .. imagination runs wild !!! why do i keep thinking ALLI BABA and THE 40 THIEVES!!!!??

  3. Wow! What a magnificent place captured beautifully!

  4. I believe they serve the most amazing High Tea! It really is an impressive building!

  5. I have heard of the Sun City. The Palace looks awesome!!

  6. Wow...wonderful pics again!I read your nice comment at Marcy´s blog about my Anne.Thank you and it´s really true what you written.