Monday, March 2, 2009

Game reserve roads

It's been very dry around here since early winter last year, but over the last week or two we've luckily had some good rains in Port Elizabeth and the surrounding areas. This was quite evident on my visit to Pumba Game Reserve. The grass was lush and green and this makes the roads around the game reserve stand out very nicely.

For some reason I just like a two track path through the bush. It has a certain exploring quality to it...

... and when it goes up a hill and disappears in the mist, it ads mystery.


  1. I also love pictures of roads! Excellent pictures, the second one is very misterious, would not want to walk up that hill by myself...

  2. .... just over the brow of that hill is .... A HUGE BIG ELEPHANT!
    Lovely photo's Firefly. I must agree, I also love roads leading to nowhere. I don't think one would ever be disappointed

  3. Those are super photos! Reminds me of my childhood in Rhodesia and travelling on the country/farm roads - thanks for those memories of a country that is no longer!

  4. Saw your comment on Jeanette's - p.s. I voted for you - Best Travel blog!